A piece of Cold War history in Evesham's backyard...
Entrance gate to Control Area
at PH 32, Tomlinson Mill Road, Marlton, NJ.
  My interest in the Marlton Nike Base began in 1976, when I was a student at the newly opened Marlton Middle School across from the site on Tomlinson Mill Road. Passing the former base everyday with its official looking  buildings aroused my curiosity and I began to seek information about it. It has taken me many years to acquire what I have, as the subject of Nike has not been well documented. After getting into the web and discovering there were Websites covering former Nike bases, I decided I had enough to put up a site about the Marlton base. Through the Web I was able to learn more about the subject of Nike Missiles in general. The best part of this was finding out there were others interested in this subject. Thanks to this medium the history of the Nike program is being well documented.

Below are links to the pages of this site. Here you'll find information about this overlooked historical site, the Marlton Nike Base-Marlton's part in the Cold War.

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History of PH 32
Maps of PH 32
Memories of PH 32
Later uses of PH 32
1956 Aerial Photo of PH 32 Launch Area
1963 Aerial Photos of PH 32
Photo of PH 32 Radar Section
1975 Photos of PH 32
2000 Photos of PH 32
2002 Photos of PH 32 
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   The entrance to the former control section of Marlton Nike Base in 1975 and the area today as the Patrick Henry Drive entrance to the Briarwood residential development that was built over the site.